Colorado Tree Spade | Large Tree Moving and Transplanting
Colorado Tree Spade | Large Tree Moving and Transplanting
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Learn more about one of the largest transplanters in the nation!

Check out this short video on the 124" Bigger Digger as featured on Cool Tools Mega Machines!

What We Do

Opening Views, Enhancing Property Value, Giving Privacy

We utilize the largest tree transplanters in Colorado and across the nation to help homeowners, commercial developers, landscape architects, golf courses and more create stunning properties while saving trees through the safe relocation of trees in just a few hours. 

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124" Bigger Digger

One of the largest transplanters in the Nation and the largest in the State of Colorado relocating trees up to 40 feet tall!

Tree Removal and Relocation

Don't cut down your trees, relocate them! Our tree removal removes the entire tree, stump, roots and all. Looking to remove a stump or entire tree for free? Post your unwanted tree online and have someone else pay to relocate it. Open up your view for free and save a tree in the process! Call today for a consult!

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Home Owners

Whether you have one tree or dozens that you need relocated, we can help you open up a view, block a bad neighbor, or save that sentimental tree your relatives planted years ago. 

Commercial Developments

Contractors, Developers, Architects, Landscapers, Construction Companies and more! We work with you to ensure your project is a success while generating great press in the media and local community by saving trees and helping make your project green!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does it take to move a tree?

In most cases, trees can be relocated in two hours or less per tree, depending on soil conditions. 

How large of a tree can be moved?

We have successfully relocated trees over 40 feet tall with our largest tree spade. In general, CTS specializes in relocating trees  40+ feet tall. 

Can trees survive transplant?

We have over 90% success rate in relocating trees with tree transplanters when proper before and after care is done. This is much higher than B+B trees as the roots are kept intact in their native soil, maintaining the biosphere of bugs, mold and the rest of the roots ecosystem without loosing up the dirt. 

Is tree transplanting expensive?

In most cases, it is cheaper to transplant a tree over 10 feet tall than it is to purchase one from a nursery. Additionally, if you are in need of tree removal, it is usually cheaper to transplant a tree than to cut it down, grind the stump, and remove the roots. Best case, you can list your tree for free, and have someone else pay to transplant the tree to their home. You get the tree removed for free, they get a 'free tree' and just pay the relocation cost. Win - Win!

When is the best time to move a tree?

Trees can be moved year round in most cases. It is best to not move a tree when it is candling or putting on new growth - however - if it will be cut down if not moved, it can still be successfully transplanted. We cannot move trees in freezing conditions, but moving trees in the winter when they are dormant is a great time to relocate trees.

How much to move a tree?

The cost for tree transplanting depends on many factors including size, distance, soil conditions and more. 

Trees over 20 feet tall that require The Bigger Digger, the largest tree transplanter based in Colorado. This Mega Mover starts at $10,000 for the first tree and mobilization of this piece of equipment.

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